Small Enterprise Loans

Loan Requirement For Small Enterprises

  1. Facility application form duly completed in all respect.
  2. Certified copy of the certificate of incorporation.
  3. Copy of memorandum and articles of association.
  4. Copy of company TIN Certificate
  5. Copies of identification document – Gensia or passport (including signature and validity pages) for directors, business owner and /or authorized signatories for the company. Original identification document required to certify true copy.
  6. Business profile –describing the nature of business ,location , when it was incorporated ,shareholders and directorship , years of operation, management ,banking relationship, number of employees, market clients, companies etc.
  7. A copy of current trade license and or business permit.
  8. If non customer –certified copies of your bank statements for the last 12 month (deposit and loan account) together with the original banking deposit slips for key deposits to the account.
  9. Details of facilities enjoyed with other financiers if any which should include inter-alia initial amounts approved, current balances, repayment terms and securities held.
  10. Audited accounts for the last 3 years where available .this must however be provide for all applications above ssp 250,000/=
  11. Management accounts or income & expenditure statement for the current year.
  12. A stock statement and aged lists of debtors and creditors.
  13. Projected cash flows covering the period of facility – 1st year done on month to month basis-together with underlying assumptions.
  14. Board of Directors Resolution to borrow and pledge securities.
  15. Outline of total project cost, its breakdown and financing plan (indicate own contribution and evidence availability).
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