Board of Directors and Management Team

Board of Directors

The present Board of directors of Ivory Bank consist of 11 members plus General Manager and secretary of the board. Amongst the 11 members of board of directors, four represent National Government, three members represent Equatoria, Upper Nile, and Bahr Elghazal, two represent corporates and one represent small shareholders

Prof. Albert Kuany Jok kuany

Chairman Board of Directors

Amb. Mathiang Malual Mabur

Deputy Chairman Board of Directors

Hon. Deng Malual Leek

Deputy Subcommittee Human Resource, Risk & Compliance

Hon. Gatdet Thoan Wakoa

Head of subcommittee for Audit and Finance

Hon. Mary Akec Taban Milla

Deputy Subcommittee for Audit and finance

Hon. Suzan Duku

Secretary Subcommittee for Audit and Finance

Hon Victoria Sumuel Aro

Head of Credit and Investment

Hon.Gabriel Gai chol

Deputy Head of Credit and Investment

Bruna Siricio Iro

General Manager and Board of Director Member

Samira Habib Fikry

Executive Secretary Board of Directors

Management Team

The Ivory Bank management in head office comprise of the following departments

Madam Bruna Siricio Iro

General Manager

Biar Kon Biar

Deputy General Manager

Ayien Malual Leek

Administration Manager

Manyok Jacob Mawan

Human Resource and Development Manager

Anthony Dak Nyidho

Finance and Account Manager

Jacqueline Vero

Investment Manager

Chuol Ruei Garang

Risk and Compliance Manager

Dina Zackaria

Forex and Treasury Manager

Bambo Duku

Manager Public Relations

Joseph Maring

Internal Audit Manager
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