Present and Previous Board of Directors

S/NNamesPositions Years of Service
1Dr, Lawrence Wol WolFormer Board of Directors Chairman1992-1994
2Dr, Gama HassenFormer Board of Directors Chairman1994 -1995
3Mr. Taha AliElbaheerFormer Board of Directors Chairman1995-2000
4Enur A/Sadam El-HeluFormer Board of Directors Chairman2001-2003
5Dr. Anis George HaggarFormer Board of Directors Chairman2003-2007
6 Hon: Gabriel Changson ChangFormer Board of Directors Chairman2007-2012
7Prof. Isaac Bior DengFormer Board of Directors Chairman2013 – 2019
8 Prof. Albert Kuany Jok KuanyPresent Board of Directors ChairmanFrom 2019 To date
S/NNamesManaging DirectorsYears of Service
1Kornelio Koryom MayikManaging Directors1992-2001
2Elnur Abdel Salam El-HeluManaging Directors2001-2003
3Omer Taha Abu SamraManaging Directors2003-2004
4Suleiman Fadlal SuleimanManaging Directors2004-2007
5Late. Ernest Wadereef MarbagaManaging Directors2007-2010
6Rizigg El Nour YatongoManaging Directors2010-2014
7Bruna Sircio IricioManaging Directors2015 -To Date
S/NNamesYears of Service
1Rdolph Ibrahim Former Exective Secretary Board of Directors1992 – 1993
2Micheal Majak Abiem Former Exective Secretary Board of Directors1994-2003
3Lino Joseph Akuer Former Exective Secretary Board of Directors2003-2005
4Moyi Hurry Ruben Former Exective Secretary Board of Directors2008-2015
5Samira Habihb FikryExective Secretary Board of Directors2015- To Date
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